1. Withdrawal Period:We sell pre-paid contracts entitling the Customer to make, over a specific period, an agreed number of Funeral Notices accessible via the Internet. The Customer is entitled to cancel unilaterally any contract with Family Funeral Notice Ltd (hereinafter ‘the Company’) within fourteen (14) days of the commencement thereof. The commencement date is the date on which the full purchase price of the contract is received into the Company’s bank account. There shall be no unilateral right of withdrawal after the withdrawal period expires, but negotiation with the Company shall be required.

2. Refund Policy:Every contract entered into with a party who has not previously used our services entitles the Customer to make seven (7) free Funeral Notices in addition to the agreed number of paid ones.

2.1 If no paid Funeral Notices are used during the withdrawal period, the refund will be in full, but

2.2 If not, the refund will be calculated pro rata on the number of unused notices remaining in the contract. For example, a 30 day ‘new customer’ contract entitling the Customer to ten (10) Funeral Notices, of which all the free ones and two of the paid ones have been used, would receive an 80% refund of the contract price, both price and refund inclusive of VAT.

3. Refund Procedure: The Customer shall inform the Company immediately of the decision to cancel the contract, following which re-payment will be made within fourteen (14) days of such notification, dependent on the original method of payment, as follows: -

3.1 Where payment was made by bank card on the pay gate associated with the Company web site, a credit will be arranged by the Company to the payer’s card account and the Customer will be informed of the amount and date of such arrangement, or

3.2 Where payment was made by cash paid to our accredited agent, the Customer shall supply the Company with sufficient banking details to enable us to refund by electronic funds transfer (EFT) and to confirm such re-fund payment by email, or, if this is unacceptable, the said agent will bring cash to the premises of the Custom-er, who shall sign receipt for it and return a copy to the said agent.

3.3 Where payment was made by cheque or by EFT, the Customer shall supply the Company with sufficient banking details to enable us to refund by EFT. No cash option shall be available. In this case we will email the receipt to the customer

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